Focusing on service

MARKANT AG is the largest trading and service cooperation in Europe's food industry. Rising customer requirements and increasingly stringent legal conditions in recent years led the company to consider which standards and processes it should align with in order to secure its continued strong growth. The company management decided to centralize its IT operation at the German location in Offenburg and to develop a uniform overall process model based on ITIL®, the de facto standard for IT service management.

The objective was to provide internal customers from the European national  companies  with  efficient,  traceable,  and high-quality  services.  To  establish  a  continuous process landscape, it was necessary to replace the existing standalone solutions, such as an internally developed access application, with a central integrated tool set with uniform data maintenance. The USU Group was chosen to provide expertise and technology.

 With the implementation of IT processes such as Incident and IT Asset Management, MARKANT has now created the procedural and technical foundation for comprehensive IT service management. The service desk team currently handles around 3,000 tickets per month, which include approximately 800 incidents and over 2,000 service request orders. To continuously improve the data and processes, USU Service Intelligence provides a sophisticated analysis and reporting system. Valuemation transparently controls the life cycle of 1,100 clients and 500 servers as well as additional components such as  printers,  network  components,  projectors,  but  also the telephone system and smartphones. The pending implementation of license management together with USU subsidiary Aspera will mark a further milestone.

As a service provider to many leading retail companies, we have an urgent need for transparent and automated IT processes. With the support of USU as a technology and expertise partner, we were able to achieve these targets.

Gerald Hauser,
Division Manager IT Service Management