Nov 24, 2016

White paper by IT service management expert Stephen Mann: Establishing self-service successfully in IT support

Low levels of acceptance among users are a big problem for most self-service initiatives. As a result, the goal of reducing tickets is not achieved. In his white paper, Stephen Mann reveals what mistakes need to be avoided during self-service projects and gives specific tips as to how projects can be carried out successfully. Mann is an independent IT service management expert. His previous work for Forrester Research and the software company ServiceNow make him an outstanding source of information on this subject.

Self-service offerings can be an effective way to reduce your IT support workload. But when implementing self-service solutions, companies often forget that their IT can only benefit from them if enough employees use self-service in the long term. Indeed, IT departments are full of examples of self-service projects that failed although the technology was implemented successfully – simply because employees scarcely used them.

As Stephen Mann concludes, the focus must be on the positive customer experience when IT users and service customers use self-service offerings – and not the benefit that IT itself gains from them. In his white paper, he looks at the reasons for the low levels of acceptance of many self-service solutions, examines the big “myths” and obstacles and explains what really matters when implementing self-service solutions.

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